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TA2000’s Naga Siren Breaks GPM Record

Published at: 2023-10-13 21:59:00

In the Western European derby between PSG Quest and Tundra Esports, Game 1 turned out to be an 87-minute game. Though PSG Quest couldn’t take the win, TA2000 could at least etch his name in Dota 2 history by breaking a few records.

  • 1254 GPM: the highest GPM record at The International, excluding Alchemist. The previous record was 119 GPM behind, so TA2000 smashed it. Moreover, the highest Alchemist GPM in TI history was hFn’s 1260 GPM game, only six gold above TA2000’s Naga Siren.
  • 81,796 Net Worth: the second highest net worth value in TI history. Had TA2000 not pressed buyback at the end of the game, his Naga Siren would have created a new #1 record. Pure’s Lycan is responsible for holding the current record in a two-hour game against RNG at last year’s TI.
  • 1832 Last Hits: the second-highest number of last hits in a TI game. Resolut1on’s Anti-Mage is the proud owner of the current record at 1970 last hits. Still, Resolut1on’s game lasted 31 more minutes than TA2000’s Naga Siren game. 

Though TA2000 can be happy with these stats, PSG Quest has yet to guarantee their survival in the tournament. They will have to play against Talon Esports in an elimination match. In the case of a draw, a Bo3 tiebreaker will be played later today.

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