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Dear User, 

Every day we strive to make our project better, and if you read this message, you can also participate in it.

Currently, we have a paid vacancy for the admins of Live-matches for people with work experience. The scope of work includes keeping and monitoring relevant information about matches, paying attention to details of matches and compositions of teams, and knowledge of the PRO-scene and tournament formats.

If you don't have work experience, we are looking for volunteers, who will learn with us, with subsequent job placement. We need people who passionates about Dota 2 tournaments, who are in the loop, and are ready to:

- help in working with updating information on the website (schedule, rosters, team logos, player profiles);

- write texts;

- edit video replays;

- moderate comments;

Send your resumes and examples of projects you worked at Note in the comment, what would you like to do in the project.