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Terms of Use

Terms of the website use

These rules determine the order of access to the DLTV.ORG website for its users and constitute a public offer of the website operator. You express and accept your agreement with these rules by accessing or using any features of the DLTV.ORG website.


The website operator guarantees the privacy of any information you submit to us.


To become a user of the DLTV.ORG website, you must register or authorize via the Steam social network. After the visitor confirms authorization, the website automatically creates an account.

Posting comments and other information

Any information you post on the website (messages, comments, forecasts, polls) belongs to the DLTV.ORG website operator and can be freely used by it without compensation to you.

Updating and maintenance

DLTV.ORG reserves the right to update and modify the website. We strive to keep these updates as invisible to the users as possible, but we don't guarantee it. In some cases, the website may not be available.


DLTV.ORG owns the copyright and all other intangible rights to all content on the website unless otherwise noted. Our written permission is required for any use of material on the website.


In the case of any dispute or issues related to the pursuant of these rules, the user and the administration of DLTV.ORG will make every effort to resolve it through negotiation between them. If disputes are not resolved by negotiation, disputes shall be resolved under the procedure established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

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