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BetBoom DACHA Dubai Day 1 Recap: Ame Is Back

Author: Owen | Published at: 2024-02-04 18:00:00

The first day of the BetBoom DACHA Dubai Group Stage has ended; here’s a quick recap of what happened!

Group A Recap

Four teams tied their series in Group A, while the Gaimin Gladiators defeated Team Liquid 2-0. 

The day started with a match between Team Aurora and Virtus.Pro. Coming into this matchup, the teams were evenly favored. 

In the first map, 23savage went for an Anti-Mage pick, but his team could not carry him through the Mid Game, allowing Kiritych’s Morphling to help VP take the game. Team Aurora adjusted and picked an easy-to-execute draft with Mirana plus four heroes to set up easy arrows. The Southeast Asian team’s gameplay was much cleaner in Game 2, allowing them to tie the series. 

The next matchup featured the European Titans, Gaimin Gladiators and Team Liquid. This was 33’s first match with the team on LAN, but the new roster’s LAN debut was unsuccessful. 

Team Liquid was utterly stomped in both games, first in 28 minutes after getting Brooded and second by getting outclassed by Quinn’s famous Pangolier. The Gladiators take the lead in the group after this victory.

The last series of the day for Group A featured an exciting matchup between LGD Gaming and Team Falcons.

The Chinese squad’s Carry and Mid players played exceptionally well in the first map, shiro going 9/1/11 on Naga Siren and Setsu finishing 15/1/14 on Ember Spirit. The Falcons had no chance in the first map. However, the MENA team proved they weren’t pushovers. Team Falcons won their lanes in the second map to snowball the game, winning the series to tie the series.

Overall, Group A remains very competitive. Team Liquid is sitting in last place with a 0-2 score, but it’s only the first day, and a comeback is always possible.

Group B Recap

The second group arguably produced more entertaining matches than the opposing one on the first day of BetBoom DACHA. Ame and Xtreme Gaming took the highlight of the day.

Day 1 was opened with Ame’s debut, with Xtreme Gaming playing against the tournament hosts, the BetBoom Team. 

The uncrowned king displayed a masterclass on his Anti-Mage on the first map. With the help of Xxs and Xm, Ame could carry Xtreme Gaming to a Game 1 victory against Nightfall’s Faceless Void, who barely got anything done. Xtreme Gaming showed Game 1 wasn’t a fluke and convincingly stomped the second game, with the entire team displaying a good performance. The Chinese team’s first match went very well, and the team is living up to expectations so far.

The second match of Group B was between OG and Azure Ray. In January, Ceb tweeted that his dream was to play against Bach (Faith_bian) in a LAN setup, and his wish came true. However, the Frenchman didn’t get the result he was expecting.

The first map seemed close between the two teams until Yuragi made a few misplays on Alchemist, which caused his team to lose control over the game. Things did not improve in Game 2, as Azure Ray completely stomped OG in 33 minutes to take the series 2-0.

To end the day, Team Spirit played against Nouns, the only representative from the Americas region. As expected, Team Spirit dismantled Nouns in a 2-0 fashion. In both games, Nouns put up a decent fight in the early game, but a gap in execution and teamwork allowed the TI winners to finish the series 2-0.

All three matches in Group B ended 2-0.

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