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BetBoom DACHA Dubai 1v1 Tiebreaker Results And Playoffs Seedings

Author: Owen | Published at: 2024-02-09 12:12:00

On February 9, four teams from Group A participated in a 1v1 Shadow Fiend Mid tiebreaker for Playoffs seeding purposes. 

The Mid Laners from LGD Gaming, Team Liquid, Gaimin Gladiators, and Team Falcons had to 1v1 each other to determine the matchups against the Group B teams.

The first round of matches were:

Though this was the first time Nisha played in an official Shadow Fiend 1v1, not knowing a bunch of rules, he still defeated Quinn convincingly.

The next matchup was between LGD Gaming’s Setsu and Malr1ne from the Falcons. Setsu dominated the CS board and, throughout most of the 1v1, doubled Malr1ne in net worth. 

The 1v1 was dragged on for a long time, and the Chinese player thought it would end in the 15th minute and the player with a higher Creep Score would win. To celebrate, Setsu used his ultimate for fun and paused the game.

However, the admin mentioned that there was no time limit for the tiebreaker, as it follows a different rule for the 1v1 tournament happening tomorrow. Despite wasting all his mana for nothing, Setsu still won the matchup.

The winners and losers of both matchups were supposed to face each other again. However, due to uncertainty in the rules, the players abandoned the last two 1v1 matchups and decided the results with a good old coin toss. 

The results of the coin toss ended with:

  1. Setsu
  2. Nisha 
  3. Malr1ne 
  4. Quinn

With these final standings, the Playoffs bracket has been decided:

The BetBoom DACHA Dubai event will resume on February 11. While we wait, there will be a 1v1 tournament for $100,000.

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